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What are some of my “Best Sellers” on Amazon.com with FBA?

My friend, Casey, recently asked: Just out of curiosity… what have been some of your “best sellers” so far? Great question! While I certainly have found some big “winners” while scouting for FBA inventory, it’s rare that I buy and sell the same item more than once or twice. There’s a few reasons for this: […]

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Make Money While on Vacation with FBA

FBA Vacation Wii

Why do I love my new job?  Because I can do it from ANYWHERE in the nation!  As I explained in my recent post (read about it here), I only touch the inventory I sell one time, for about a day.  Then I never have to see it again! So, recently while on vacation with […]

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Krystal Poster: Value, Buns, Missed Opportunity.

Edgy Krystal Burger Poster Grab Value by the Buns

I saw this poster at a Kyrstal in Chattanooga, TN. It’s daring, right?  While I’m typically not a fan of crude or insensitive advertising (even when unintentional), I found myself chuckling a little when I saw this. Even still, I have to put this in the category of, “just because it’s clever, doesn’t mean you […]

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FREE REPORT: What Happened February 12 on Amazon.com?

amazon fba report holiday sales

An amazing thing happened to my sales on Amazon.com on February 12th! In this short report I’ll explain what happened, why it happened, and how understanding this occurrence will enable you to properly prepare for boosted sales in the future.  In my report you’ll learn: The two types of holiday buyers and which one you want […]

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Blame: Why the week before payday hurts (for some)

household budget

Recently I found myself in a bit of a financial pinch. It wasn’t anything extremely crazy. It was a situation I’m sure many folks find themselves in from time to time: As my wife and I worked through our monthly budget, we found we had more expenses than we had income. We were working towards […]

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FBA Scouting: Retail vs Used

clothes on amazon.com fba

While used book store can be a super way to build inventory while you get your business started, my preference is definitely for retail shopping.  Here’s why: Imagine this: You’re scouting through used books.  You find a gem that you’re able to buy for $1 and sell for $100!  That’s a super find!  But, there’s […]

Why would someone pay more on Amazon.com?

how to price fba amazon.com

I get this question a lot.  And, honestly, it was one I asked myself daily when I started my FBA business: Why would someone pay more for something from Amazon.com than it costs in a regular store? How can you pay full price for an item at a retail store and sell it for 3-5+ […]

How does FBA work?

FBA boxes ready to ship via usps

As I interview potential students for my coaching program, I get this question a lot: “How does Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program work?” Here’s a quick intro to what I call Phase One:  Step 1: Buy Inventory! This is the step where I have to tell my wife to hide while I take over […]

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